My first live rock concert was YOUR Freedom of Choice tour in 1980. I was 16, my dad drove my friends and I to the concert at the Santa Monica Civic. I was such a kid, when you guys started your first song with the curtain drawn with film images projected on the curtains, I thought the concert was going to be just your music along with a film projection, thinking that you were way too popular to show up to every concert in each city of the tour and then imagine my surprise when the curtain opened, I was so thrilled, I was beside myself with childhood joy! Still to this day, 1980 Devo at the Civic is one of my top 10 concerts of my life, thank you so much for the great memories and fine dance punk music. Rock on, Allen

DEVO responded on 06/05/2015

Good to hear that we affected you positively, Allen. BE STIFF!

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