1. What is/was the rehearsal process like as far as creating your music? Did the lyrics usually come first, or was a melody usually completed beforehand? How collaborative was the process as a whole?

2. What was it like recording your first album with Eno in Germany? Despite your initial resistance to Eno’s ideas, did his suggestions (or just the fact that you recorded in Germany) ever shape any of your future albums?

3. Even your lyrics nowadays are incredibly political—has your idea of De-evolution changed at all since Kent State? Do you believe we have progressed more towards or further away from that concept as the years have gone by?

4. If I were to play one song that you believe highlights DEVO as not only a band, but also for its political views, which one would you recommend?

DEVO responded on 05/11/2015

These are great questions - To get the best answers, I recommend tweeting them, one-at-a-time, to Gerald V. Casale of DEVO. You can do this via Twitter. He answers fan questions. His twitter is @Gvc3Casale.

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