I have been following DEVO since the earliest days of Saturday night live videos , the first album in 78 , etc. very much saddened by passing of bob 2 . Are you guys interested in collaborating with outside agitators ? I am from true mutant stock , my dad was an artist & professor , friend of the DADA founder George Grosz , whom he got to lecture at UBC when he was head of the art department there . He was also the drinking buddy & close friend of benighted anarchist Sir Herbert Read , as well as Alexander Archipenko , inventor of sculpture painting . I know this says nothing of my abilities and achievements , but it is a pedigree of sorts.I am a visionary , writer , artist ,musician,& Tibetan oracle . I sometimes channel the Holy Spirit of Alfred Jarry ,proto-Dada-Surrealist,who prophesied the terrible events of 9/11/ 01 in his play Caesar Antichrist . I have written a cohesive and exciting UBU play which refuses to terminate , threatening to become a series : UBU CANNIBAAL . ~BRIAN

DEVO responded on 04/16/2015

Its too hard to get all of us original members to work on stuff let alone invite others in. Sorry! If it were a more perfect world...

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