U came to Lisbon, Portugal on a promotion, I think, and you visited a Record Shop called "Valentim de Carvalho". U were signing autographs and I asked for an autograph and one of Devo, I don't remember which one, signed on my right arm. Devo were using, I'm not really sure, some jackets made of a kind of plastic paper with a shark on the back I think, its been a long time sorry :), and I asked if I could gave him also an autograph and so he said ok, do it, so I designed a huge dick on his back :D :D :D. As far I remember everyone laugh with it, they all complimented me and it were an unforgettable good time.
Hope U remeber it !!! ;)

DEVO responded on 02/03/2015

What a great story! Please email that to me: I will forward it to them to see if they remember. - Michael Pilmer (for DEVO, Inc). BTW: I have a dumb web site called! ha ha

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