I loved your hardcore tour in support of Bob. I had the good fortune to attend a fconcert a few years ago in Atlanta. While I loved the show I was disappointed you only chose to play 3 selected songs from your latest album. I would have loved to hear Human Rocket or No Place Like Home. Given the changes in the business of the Music Industry, is there any way you would consider a concert where you performed some of your lesser-known, non-top 40 material-such as Agitated, Raise Your Hands, Fountain Of Filth, Turnaround, or The Winner? You have tons of great composition and material that goes unappreciated by all but a select few. I wish you could share more.

DEVO responded on 12/16/2014

We played "Fountain Of Filth" on the Hardcore tour, along with many other lesser-known songs.

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