Hey DEVO ! I'm a fan since the age of 12, when I discovered "Freedom of Choice" and "New Traditionalists" in all the other CD's of my father. My first thought was that the art is fun. Then, I was astonished by the music.
6 Years later, I'm 18 and I still love all these classic albums.
But there's still something missing, spuds.
Well, I always wonder how should sound a real gig of DEVO... And I'm living in France. (sorry if my english is bad, I'm still learning)

So, my question is : when will you come back to France ? I hope that I'll see you in a summer fest like Festival Beauregard (near Caen, Blondie came last year) or La Route du Rock (in Saint-Malo, there is always rare and intersting bands playing there).
So please spuds, please come to France !
See you soon !

DEVO responded on 12/15/2014

Hello, Comrade. We don't have any news right now on future concerts for DEVO, but you will be notified via our mailing list as soon as news is confirmed. DUTY NOW...!

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