Devo Your music makes me sick. You are punks like the Sex Pistols. I've seen you live a bunch of times for cheap and always gotten good value. I got bitten on the arm by a horsefly at Hollywood Park whilst seeing your live show. I hate you like the Devil. You are true American shitheads. I'm comin' ta' get'cha. I've been with ya' since '77 or so. You know who I am. You know what I mean. I'm not a kind of guy that usually says "please" or "thanks" or likes Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly all that much, though I'm heavily into Elvis Costello. You guys are good for long time. Devo is probably my number 1 band except for maybe Blondie.


DEVO responded on 12/15/2014

Nice to hear from another affected human, Jim. BE STIFF!

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