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I wouldlove to buy a blue or winter Olympics energy dome. Where can I get one?

DEVO responded on 01/01/2020

We are working on making those available sometime in 2020. Go to to sign up for our mailing list and we'll let you know!


Hello DEVO,

I recently purchased the 2019 Record Store Day box set and loving it. Will you be re-issuing the rest of your catalog on vinyl?

Marc Presseault

DEVO responded on 08/23/2019

We've released some great vinyl & CD reissues with our friends at Futurismo records (UK). Check out their store for what's available.


I hope you don't get two copies of this same question. The site was acting up.
So, the "Turn Around: B-Sides and More" collection. Any plans to release it on CD? Cuz I don't like vinyl.

DEVO responded on 04/28/2019

We aren't aware of plans to offer any other version of that release. It's probably only vinyl.